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Glass Services

Repair & Replacement

Alken Glass Unlimited LLC offers top-notch auto glass replacement services for all kinds of vehicles. We specialize in working with all insurance companies, so there is no need to worry about being forced to use a preferred shop – it is illegal for insurance companies to tell you who to take your vehicle to.

Alken Glass Unlimited, LLC specializes in automotive glass replacement and rock chip repair. We are competitively priced and work with all insurance companiesWe will help file your insurance claim with you and handle all the paperwork.

With over 40 years experience in auto glass you will receive the highest quality service available.

Lifetime guarantee against leaks and squeaks. Alken Glass Unlimited, llc has professional glass replacement services using only quality glass and adhesives for your car, truck, semi-truck, tractor, combine, RV and heavy equipment.

Alken Glass Unlimited uses state of the art technology and high quality resins to repair your windshield. With over 40 years experience and thousands of successful repairs completed you can trust us to repair your windshield. Most windshield chip repairs are covered under your comprehensive insurance coverage and can be completed at no cost to you.

Stainless Steel

Rock Chip Repair

Rock Chip repair can prevent your windshield from cracking and needing a new windshield replacement. Alken Glass Unlimited LLC has the knowledge and experience to stop a crack in its tracks. 

Rearview Mirrors Replacement & Re-attach

If your rearview mirror has fallen off your windshield, Alken Glass Unlimited can reattach it using OEM adhesives and techniques.

Rear Defrost Tab


If your rear window defroster tab has broken off and your wires are hanging, stop in and let us repair that for you.


We specilize in auotmobile glass replacement. If your windshield is pitted up or broke we have you covered. A door glass is shatered or cracked, we can help you with installing a new one. We get everything ordered that is needed to do the replacement and our professional experienced installers will get you back on the road within the day.

Stainless Steel
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