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Ask Us About Phone Starts

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Remote Car Starters

Alken Glass Unlimited’s history of installing remote car starters began in 2001 in the Lake Region Area. We have a combined experience of over 35 years and thousands of installs into a wide range of vehicles. You can depend on us to add a remote auto start to your vehicle and as with everything we do we stand behind our work.

The Idata-start remote auto starts have a unit that will fit everyone's needs. The one-way remote allows the basic function of starting, locking, and unlocking your vehicle while the two-way remotes we carry add the additional functionality of informing the user through LED lights on the remote whether the vehicle is started, locked, or unlocked along with information letting you know that your vehicle is running and warming up. Our lineup includes a Drone Phone Start, giving you the capability  to start your vehicle from anywhere through an app that gets downloaded onto your Smart Phone. This unit can be complemented with or without additional remotes to meet your needs. These units provide  you with the convenience and security that your vehicle is running & locked when you want it to.


Remote Auto Starts keep your car and you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The ranges, features, and additional functionality vary between the models, stop by to visit with us today for additional details and to get yours installed.


Drone Start

The Drone Start gives you the capability to start your vehicle from anywhere providing you have cell reception. Click on Picture to see subscription packages.



The TR2450AE is a two way LED remote rated for 1 mile, giving you the convenience and security that your vehicle is running when you want it to.



The TR1150A is a one way LED remote rated for 3000 feet, giving you the convenience you are looking for

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Stainless Steel
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